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Either a civil or religious ceremony, there is no obligation to residency to have a legal marriage in Italy. However, there are some conditions and documents that a foreigner must have.

We all know that having to deal with bureaucratic schemes is sometimes very stressful specially when you are asked to go here and there in a foreign country. This is the reason why I offer a full guide journey and assistance to couples who are looking to get a legal marriage in Italy.

PAPERWORK ASSISTANCE PACKAGE: This package is for couples that are planning to have a legal marriage in Italy however do not know what papers are needed and do not know where and how to start.

To have a legal marriage in Italy you need a specific documentation that differ based on your nationality. Whether you are both foreigners or one of you is Italian citizen, there is a specific procedure to follow and specific documents to obtain before performing the civil marriage.

Remember that getting married is a civil right in Italy and therefore whatever your citizenship, you are entitled to tie the knot as long as you have all the documentation to rule. The process may vary based on the type of marriage you have in mind (catholic, non-catholic, civil unions, symbolic).

HOW WILL THIS WORK? We will meet virtually and during the call we will discuss and discuss about your case and background.


  • Running of the paperwork in Italy
  • Assistance with documentation needed in your country
  • Translations and interpretations

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? The price depends on the nationality and it ranges from Euro 500 above.

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We highly recommend Dashiell for her full knowledge with the requirements about legal marriage in Italy for foreigners. We are both American citizens and we were unsure whether or not to have civil ceremony due to the long list of things we needed to sort out. Luckily Dashiell, above her full planning package, offers assistance with legal paperwork and took care of the beaucratic process plus she guided us step by step with what was required. She also stood as our certified wedding interpreter which made us really feel pampered! We could not thank Dashiell enough for taking this pain off of us!