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Where is the best place to get married in Italy on a budget?

If you have a precise budget and looking for a doable location to make this dream happen, then the best place to get married in Italy on a budget is nothing more than Tuscany, territory of good food and wine. Land of cypress paths, vineyards, and olive groves – a perfectly romantic backdrop for your memorable event.

Tuscany offers a wide range of amazing and dreamy venues for every type of budget. The countryside, to be specific the Chianti area, has a lot of elegant and chic villas, castles and medieval fortresses plus a variety of country estates amidst the nature, vineyards and olive groves. Siena is perfect for a castle wedding or country wedding, Firenze for a villa wedding and Chianti for a winery wedding.

Aside from the wise-budgeting venues, here other top reasons why you should choose Tuscany (especially Siena, Firenze and Pisa) for your dreamy destination wedding:


For a more laid-back countryside vibe, Tuscany offers endless vineyards, olive groves, quaint medieval villages, and splendid nature. This is the place for a traditional yet ‘rustic and boho vibe’ wedding. Moreover, the hidden gems scattered around the nature are well connected to the main towns assuring to easily reach the essential shops and touristic spots.

Tuscan landscape - getting married in Tuscany


The season of weddings and elopements in Tuscany starts from mid-April and ends in mid-October. The reason why couples choose this period is because of the clement weather that assures a successful outdoor wedding.

Rustic outdoor wedding in Tuscany


Tuscany is one of the sought-after locations for a destination wedding and consequently there are a lot of professionals who have years of experience in organizing foreigner weddings. This of course offers a wider and competitive market.


In the last 5 years, lots of venues have aligned their marketing strategy to the high demand and necessity of the couples to get legally married in the same place of the wedding reception. For this majority of the venues are now eligible to host a civil marriage onsite. This is just a benefit for the couples who do not need to arrange for transportation to collect their guests and take them to the closer Town Hall. This is not only offering a more relaxed event but also permits to save money to be used for other top wedding items.

wedding venue tuscany - villa


Tuscany’s culinary traditions are known all over the world, especially for its olive oil, wine, truffle and other delicacies that make this region the excellence for gastronomy. The cooking method is traditional with the use of basic and simple ingredients, let us think about the “pappa al pomodoro” an exquisite bread soup made from fresh tomatoes, onions, parsley and olive oil, that once you taste it you definitely get transported in an abstract world.

Without mentioning the top-notch wines, Tuscany is full of wineries and getting overwhelmed by choosing the right place for a wine tour and tasting, is extremely easy. To mention a few signatured red wines we have Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di Montepulciano, Sassicaia and so on.


You may have heard about the phrase “living la Dolce Vita” which in italian means literally “sweet or good life”. A destination wedding is not only focused on the wedding day itself, but it is a real holiday break from the stressful routine, and it is an escape to enjoying the good things in life. Right after the 2-day event, your guests may organize a relaxed italian holiday where the keyword is “regaining energy”.

Moreover, there are so many activities that you can organize and offer to your guests for the other days of their stay in Tuscany: guided tour of the main cities, visit of the museums, wine tour and tastings, truffle hunting, cooking classes and more.

Vespa wedding Tuscany - La Dolce Vita wedding


Last but not least, Tuscany is definitely the best place to get married in Italy for its centered location is simply perfect for people coming from all over the world. It has 2 international airports (Pisa and Firenze) and very well connected to other bigger airports such as Rome and Bologna. Whatever the preferred way of travelling you choose ( train, cab, bus) you will not find any difficulty to commute.

If you want to dive more into why you should get married in Tuscany, check this other article.


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