Being a wedding planner during covid19 is challenging.

I did not know I would be a wedding planner. How I opened this business?

When I was a kid, my parents always asked what I would have loved to be when I grow up and my answer was “A DOCTOR!”. And my schooling was imprinted in the idea of following this dream. But reality was that when I was in my last year of advanced high-school, I was not sure if that was my dream or my parents’. Then after graduation, my classmate and former close friend Valeria (unfortunately we lost touch and our paths did not meet anymore), asked me to accompany her to Siena to see the University for Foreigners (specialized in teaching languages) and this has opened my eyes, finding myself enrolling for the coming academic year. After 3 years of sacrifices, I finally made it and took my degree whilst working full-time in Castel Monastero, my very first experience in the hotel industry.

In Castel Monastero, I learnt the secrets of the front and back office (from guest relations, to concierge and selling skills). After 3 years, I hopped on the next step as Event and Groups Coordinator at Borgo San Felice where for almost 3 years, I coordinated weddings and meetings. Here I discovered my infinite passion for weddings.

In 2016 for an entire year, I had to take a break from my career to dedicate myself in the parenthood (Leonardo was a wonderful 3,5 kg of creature!).


After ups and downs and inquiries of nurseries, finally (yes, being a parent is something that you do not learn from books!) I decided to go back to working for couples and I started my new gig at Fattoria di Corsignano. In the meantime, my cousin from the USA got engaged and they flew over Tuscany to find their perfect venue and from here I felt the necessity of opening my own business! For a year I kept working at the hotel and running my own company, when I realized that it was time for me to entirely dedicate my time in “The Wedding Knot”.

My wedding season in 2020 was supposed to start in April, however due to covid19, recently I have been working on re-scheduling the weddings that have been postponed to next year. I still have some couples who are deeply hoping to be able to celebrate their dream with families and friends and this is what recently is making me feel useless.

Even a PRO sometimes has a meltdown…

however thanks my couples, I know we can make this together! No matter what, I have their backs! I promised that I will do my best to make their wedding dream happen, and whenever it will be, it will be perfect as they have imagined it! And, no matter your situation, it’s important to keep the eye on the end goal. It’s not a matter of if, just a matter of when. Their day will come, and  it will be amazing.

I know how brides and grooms feel

I’m first of all a person and then a wedding planner, made of emotions, feelings and I’m human. I feel vulnerable for not being able to offer certainties and peace of mind, BUT as a wedding planner who has a goal and a promise to maintain, all I can do is to prepare a backup plan that will be perfect as envisioned! We all have meltdowns and ups and downs, but it’s up to us how we react to the obstacles and overcome them. Remember that great things do not come from comfort zones!

I am ready to accept the corona virus challenge!