Destination wedding Florence Tuscany

Anahit and Vahe – an intimate and elegant wedding in Villa Il Garofalo in Florence

This lovely couple is Anahit and Vahe – the story of an elegant and intimate wedding in the stunning Villa Il Garofalo in Florence city. They are another couple who was forced to postpone their event due to covid-19.

We met the first time online and they were originally looking to get married in Venice, as both their parents’ wish was to see them wedded in an Armenian church. When we started the venue scouting in person, they felt deeply in love with Villa Garofalo, for its elegance and its views towards Florence city. From the ceremony place, you can enjoy the landscape and the Duomo.


Anahit and Vahe were very keen to get their license in 2020 and for this they have decided to get legally married in the States (head to this article to know more about their online civil wedding). A sequel wedding – get married first and do the party with the family and friends in Italy, once travels are not banned anymore.

We have picked a new date that would fit with all the vendors’ calendar and in June 2021 we have gotten back to planning from where we left and discussed all the remaining details that were put on standby. There have been some small changes in the flower decoration to adapt it to what nature offered at the moment.


Anahit and Vahe have picked the beautiful Villa il Garofalo known as the house of Dante (famous Italian poet and his muse Beatrice. Located on the Florentine slope of Fiesole, it offers a spectacular view over the Duomo.

Anahit and her party got prepared in the elegant rooms on the first floor of the Villa whilst Vahe and his best men enjoyed the former Dante’s manor for the preparation.

The ceremony was beautifully set outdoors in the Contessa garden overlooking the imponent Duomo. For the rite they chose the “Toast to Life”. The cup of wine symbolizes the sweetness the couple will share together and the fullness of their lives. The bride takes the first sip and the groom has the task of finishing it up, symbolizing the fact that they will live their life to the fullest.

The rich italian style wedding aperitif was set in the main Italian garden, all accompanied by the sweet symphonies of the harp and violin. Following the dinner in the cloister with its original stone pavement and well (it is said that Dante and Beatrice met here), all elegantly furnished by the oval tables with candelabras, runner of mixed greenery and sophisticated silver tableware, illuminated by the warm string lights.

The day ended romantically with the live show wedding cake decoration accompanied by tasteful Italian gelato and endless fun party indoors to the rhythm of the saxophone.

Thank you Anahit and Vahe for choosing me.

By the way: the most challenging thing about this wedding? How to make a bow tie! Thanks for the tutorial on YouTube, I learnt how to do it and if you need some help, head to this video tutorial that really helped me a lot! We had very much fun though!


Thanks to the vendors that have made this magic happen: