Gabriela and Tomasz eloped in Villa Dievole, a wine resort in Tuscany!

What is an elopement? It is referred to a marriage conducted in sudden and secretive fashion, without any other family member knowing about it.

This is what Gabriela and Tomasz decided to do in Tuscany – elope in a romantic and secluded wine resort in Tuscany and enjoy this intimate and authentic moment between them two only.

When Gabriela reached out to me, one month before the actual wedding, she shared this endless love for Tuscany as she and Tomasz would come here often for their holiday trips. There were no doubts that they would have picked this region for their elopement in Tuscany.

They wanted this moment to be just them two without other people and asked me to help them run the papers for their marriage license. Right after our call, I was calling the City Hall and Villa Dievole to sort out all what was needed for their civil binding. They are Polish citizens and with the Hague Convention, the process was very smooth (head to this link to know more about assistance with legal paperwork for Polish citizens).

As background of their elopement in Tuscany, they chose Villa Dievole, a luxury wine Resort in the Chianti hills that you may reach via a winding white road, immersed in the soft, rolling hills of Tuscany, with their neat and ordered rows of vineyards, olive groves. The Villa boasts of beautifully and modern-style furnished rooms, a gourmet restaurant, and a wine cellar for a guaranteed wine experience.

Gabriela and Tomasz started their adventure in their lovely room by doing some pre-wedding couple session on their robes, followed by the preparation of the groom with the help of his soon-to-be-wife. Gabriela instead decided to dedicate herself some solo-time and have her own make-up done.

The civil ceremony, which I had the honor to make part of by interpreting the whole plot from Italian o English, was held in the rose garden with vineyards at the back and florists as witnesses of this union. The flower decoration was very minimal: mix of wild seasonal flowers such as sunflowers and lavender.

After the ceremony, they had the time to process their emotions and enjoy a lovely aperitif by the terrace with view. Afterwards we walked them through the vineyards for some sweet couple photo session during the golden hour.

The day couldn’t end more gracefully than a romantic dinner at the gourmet restaurant and Gabriela and Tomasz had the chance to pick a vegetarian dish.

Photo credit: Laura Barbera