Getting legally married during the pandemic

“You may now kiss the bride….!”

Try to think of the word “marriage”. The image that automatically comes up is a church or a city hall with loved ones surrounding the couple and emotionally listening to the celebrant or the exchange of the wedding vows. We imagine a nice gathering with lots of wonderful and happy moments, lots of flowers around, the bell ringing and the rain of confetti on the couple’s head.

Chrurch wedding in San Biagio Montepulciano Tuscany
Photo courtesy Laura Barbera

What if I tell you to get rid of that romantic image and stick to the word “wedding” BUT link it to the word “covid” – “covid wedding“. What do you feel or see? Incredibly challenging, isn’t it? Well, I am happy to share with you a zoom wedding of one of my lovely couple, Anahit and Vahe, who said “yes” to each other last October 30th in front of a laptop.

Anahit and Vahe were planned to get married this august 2020 in a gorgeous italian-style villa in Florence, Villa Il Garofalo, however as most of my US couples, we had to postpone the event to 2021. In the meantime, they still believed in tying the knot this year and despite the pandemic, here they are exchanging vows in their nest.

They honestly enjoyed this unusual wedding because for them it was very intimate, specially the part when they were holding their hands, and they felt comfortable being in their cozy home instead of a cold city hall room. The downside of this zoom wedding was not having friends and family with them however they were quite tranquil because they will have the opportunity to celebrate altogether in 2021. Besides the real essence of a marriage is to promise eternal love and faithfulness to each other, be it in the most gorgeous venue on earth or in front of a screen.


  1. Send your online invitations to the people you wish to have joining the virtual room. Send them the link and instructions for the eldest. You can create a nice card via Canva!
  2. Buy some flowers to have next to you while exchanging your vows
  3. Ask one of your friends to take the most iconic shots of the entire process
  4. Choose a nice background and a room with good lighting
  5. Be sure to have a good internet connection!

Congratulations to you my dearest Anahit and Vahe!

What do you think about this new trend? Would you get married via zoom? Leave your comments down or contact me here!