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How much does a destination wedding in Tuscany cost?

If you are planning a destination wedding in Tuscany, I could not agree more because it is one of the most breathtaking regions in the world! If you are envisioning a more relaxed planning journey then why not this region? Let’s now dive in to the details about planning a wedding in Tuscany.

How much does a wedding in Tuscany cost?

To answer this question, let us assume you are planning a 2-day event for a wedding of maximum 50 guests. Consider that the average cost can range anywhere from as low as Euro 25,000 to as high as 50,000 primarily depending on the location, type of venue and vibe of the whole event in terms of decorations. Needless to say that this is the estimated cost to have a wedding organized by our team.

In one of my articles I have talked about why should you choose Tuscany as the region to get married (link here). For the main reason that it is very famous for destination weddings and for this it offers everything you may need that could perfectly fit within your budget! Additionally there are so many options that mostly are open to negotiations.

Despite being mostly in the countryside, the options for top-quality wedding services in Tuscany are not limited. The region is quite famous for destination weddings, and you will find everything you need within the budget you choose without any concession on quality and aesthetics.

Before diving into the factors that you need to take into consideration, first and foremost make sure you already know which expenses you will be covering for your destination wedding. On this link I am sharing a guide on how to sort out the wedding budget.

Getting into detail about a 50 guest wedding with rustic vibe, consider that the major items that will affect the whole budget are: venue/accomodation, catering and flowers.


Tuscany has villas, agriturismi, castles or wineries that can also accommodate the entire party or part of it. If guests are paying for their own accommodation, then you may likely save some money, vice versa if you cover the lodging, then take into account at least an average of Euro 100 per person, per night with breakfast included.


An average cost of a wedding menu with a rich aperitif on buffet, 2 first starters, 1 main course with side dish is Euro 100 per person and includes a standard mise-en-place and table arrangement. Drinks and wedding cake is on top.

If the venue has an internal restaurant who provides for the food and beverage, you may certainly save the cost of rentals and transportation.

If you are covering the rehearsal dinner too, usually a pizza party or barbecue is arranged. For this type of informal dinner, consider a starting price of Euro 40 per person.

The brunch varies from Euro 12 to 20 as it depends whether the venue offers breakfast or not. If the latest, usually they ask for an additional supplement to add some pasta dish or secondi to the normal buffet.


The flower decoration is optional and really depends on the priority and desire of the couple. The more flowers and props you need, the more you will be exceeding the budget. For a 50-guest wedding with a nice ceremony arch, some decoration on the aisle, 5 tablescapes (assuming you will have 5 round tables of 10 people each), bouquet and props for the party, consider at least 3500 Euro minimum.

Extra activities:

Tuscany has a variety of nice activities that could be arranged: wine tours and tastings, cooking classes, truffle hunting, vespa or vintage car tours. Everything depends on how much time you have at disposal and what kind of experience you wish to offer to your guests.

To summarize, a wedding in Tuscany for 50 guests without covering the accommodation is about Euro 25.000,00 and with lodging is Euro 50.000,00 there and about.

Now that you have clearer ideas about how much a destination wedding in Tuscany might cost, you can dive into your planning and I recommend that you hire a wedding planner who can help you with the realization of your dream wedding! This figure will help you find the best solution for your budget and needs.

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