Wedding portraits

Why is the photographer a fundamental vendor to hire on your wedding day?

Importance of booking the photographer (amongst the urgent vendors to book). I have decided to talk about this topic together with an Italian wedding photographer, Federico Pannacci, because of 2 main reasons:

  1. He is available worldwide and have seen different traditions and cultures
  2. I strongly embrace his way of capturing the wedding moments which are candid, spontaneous, and natural

Federico is answering to the most FAQ about the photographer but is also sharing his vision and opinion on the importance of staying fit and what are the factors that makes a photographer, a real professional.

FEDERICO PANNACCITo learn more, visit his website here

His vision is imprinted on genuine, natural photography achieved in pure photo-journalistic style – primarily candid wedding photography combined with his passion for portraits, natural poses, details, dreams, and a touch of artistry. He believes on the VISUAL LEGACY: pictures are the only thing that remain of your wedding and you can share them to the next generations. So this is the real connection between past and future!

He works mainly alone as he believes that it is not fundamental to see shots from different perspectives but to be present at the right moment and in the right place. Working mostly with destination weddings (smaller weddings of maximum 100 people) he does not bring an assistant with him, of course on request he can have one with him.

Sometimes couples decide based on the price. Is there something you would like to say about this?

It is obvious that we do not know the financial situation of the couple, and it is important to respect the budget that they have set for the wedding. The price is a valid factor to consider but it must not be the only reason when selecting the vendor. Every vendor offers his value and behind the price there are expenses, sacrifices and ideas. Ideas because you are not only buying the pictures but the creativity of an artist (his vision, approach and way of thinking); sacrifices because you invest your time on staying fit for a successful performance on the day of (the cameras are quite heavy and lots of photographers suffer of back pain).

How important is choosing a photographer based on how many times he/she has been featured in international magazines?

On my point of view, to be featured is more useful to amplify my network of vendors and I do believe that this is a way to share my vision and inspire other photographers as well. Usually the featured shootings are not the common styles that couple choose as their wedding scheme, therefore it is not said that those inspirations really fit the couples’ envision. What I suggest to do is to not stop on the international magazines but also on their portfolio of the vendor.

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Is it fundamental to choose a videographer based on the photographer? How much impact has a photographer on this selection?

It is important that these 2 professionals work together in harmony. Also it is useful for the couple to exactly know what their priorities are. There are certain moment where the important vendor is the photographer (example the portrait session) and other where it is fundamental to have the videographer (the exchange of the vows).

What is the best time to have the outdoor ceremony for guaranteed pictures?

During summer (June, July and August) it is highly recommended to start the ceremony not before 5:00 pm for the lighting and for smooth and natural pictures. The light is fundamental for the photographer just like the shadows. To have the best portrait and delivery, I strongly discourage to have the ceremony before 5:00 pm, unless you are holding it in a shaded space.


As a wedding planner, I strongly dissuade using a friend as the wedding photographer because this day is for your guests too and they have the right to enjoy your day with you and the other guests. Secondly, they probably have troubles bringing the right equipment with them and have professional pictures; thirdly they miss the most important shots of your day.

You can decide to either read the article or watch the interview through the video below and if you need any additional information or need advise about the wedding planning process, leave your comment below or email me