You can still keep planning your wedding day during the corona virus pandemic.

Nothing can stop you from dreaming your wedding day!

What you can do in your couch for the “YES-I-DO” day!

The world has “stopped” turning around the sun and it’s facing a very challenging moment. Factories are closed; cities are deserted, and you could see only the colors of the rolling shutters around. Balconies are covered by flags and rainbows trying to give hope that soon all these will end, and we will all start seeing the light after the tunnel!

Every type of gathering has been cancelled or postponed. With this article, I would love to share some positive vibes by giving you tips about what you and your partner can do to keep planning your wedding, even from your comfortable couches!

1. Vendor scouting through social and websites

Make a list of the priorities and requirements that you think your chosen supplier MUST have. Example follow them on Instagram (a powerful and top used social for looking for wedding planners, photographers, videomakers, florists, designers…). Check their portfolios and study reviews with attentiveness! You may read negative feedbacks, but this doesn’t mean that they are not the right fit for you – read them carefully and critically (remember perfection does not exist and it is personal! What is perfect for someone, is not for everyone!)


2. Create your wedding theme and moodboard

What are your favorites? Make a list of what you would love to see in your wedding, colors, activities, entertainments, style. After you both jot down your ideas, find those that unites you. It will be fun to actually learn new things of each other! Once you have gathered the similarities, work on the main theme! Need some tip? Where did you meet? Where was your first holiday together? What’s the style of venue you picked – surely enough the wedding mood must be aligned to the venue 😉 For more inspirations, check pinterest (you can easily download the app from the app-stores).


3. Think about the wedding favours

What do you wish to hand your guests as an everlasting souvenir of your wedding? No to knick-knacks but something emotional, useful and funny! It could be a picture taken on the spot with a personalized frame; a food favour (olive oil, liquor, aromatic herbs, honey, seeds…).


Photo courtesy: Officina dei Sogni

4. Make a guest list, registry and seating arrangement

Guest list: you know that when preparing the wedding budget, the head count is a big impact in the total cost, so start doing a list of people you really would love to have beside you on your day!

Seating chart: along with the guest list and with the RSVPs ready, start arranging the seats. Would it be a family style luncheon or scattered tables?

Guest registry: if you have created a website – if not, then this is another thing you can do together 🙂 – start thinking about what you and your partner want. Now is the time to imagine this!

Photo courtesy: sourced co

5. Write your wedding vows

Sometimes the most touching vows are those written with inspiration. And what’s more inspiring than having your partner before you? Obviously, you have to be separated – no sneak peaking! This moment is one of the most emotional ever and it’s impossible for your family and friends not to cry so have an handkerchief with you always!

Wedding ceremony - groom reads his promises to bridePhoto courtesy: Diego Poggialini

6. Last but not least, create a playlist

Music has an important role! Think about the songs you would love to play during the important wedding moments: entrance of the groom and bride; exchange of the ring; first dance; wedding cake cutting…And of course the party moment must be a bliss!

Wedding party playlist for the dancing moment - wedding planner sienaPhoto courtesy: Laura Barbera