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The Future Weddings during COVID19

Have you ever asked how the wedding industry will come out of this covid19 pandemic?

I have read this article by WeddingPro and there are things that I certainly concur with and others I can’t barely imagine because in my opinion are far away from being considered a real party.

When I think about WEDDINGS and EVENTS, it is impossible for me not to imagine hugs, embraces, kisses, tears of joy, togetherness and happiness. Social distancing is absolutely a contrary to the above mentioned words and I am having a hard time to accept this word as a key to parties and gatherings. “Social distancing parties” have become the new oxymoron “deafening silence”. What will be the future weddings during this pandemic? Let’s see in detail.



2021 calendar is almost booked due to the postponed weddings plus (luckily) new weddings. Working mostly with destination weddings, this is not new for me. Having to travel overseas, it was not a big deal for my couples to have the party on a Saturday, since the event was a minimum 2 night party and weekdays was always pretty much easier in terms of availability and prices! Yes, getting married in the weekdays is a benefit! It does not really matter when in the week it will be, whatever day you pick it will be amazing!


Lots of couples that needed to postpone the wedding, still decided to get legally married and get their license on the original planned date. Have the both sets of parents, witnesses for a maximum of the people allowed in the Town Hall. Besides the real essence of the marriage is the ceremony. The party with friends and family is postponed to another year once gatherings are sure to be permitted! This is what actually happens with destination weddings. Lots of couples get to Italy already married and have a symbolic blessing with their family and friends in the venue.



I am not a big fan of this option, however there are couples that have been taking this into consideration. What it is all about? You create shifts to arrange groups of guests that will take part at specific moments of the wedding. There will be guests that will experience the ceremony, other the cocktail and other the luncheon. By opting to this kind of wedding, you give the chance to your guests to still make part of your day even if for a short time only.

I think that all depends on your priorities and whether or not you are open to just postponing the party and have all the guests enjoy the whole day with you or celebrate now and still have your loved ones participate in some way to your celebration.


Miniweddings are typically of 30 to maximum 50 guests, something that is not really new from what I was already doing in history, because working with destination weddings, I am used to these headcounts. Sometimes confused with elopements, this small parties are a way to focus more on your budget and have an intimate yet elegant and unforgettable event. With less guests, you can use more money on the decoration or add something new to the party!



Buffet style will not be allowed as this means creating lines and gatherings, so forget about the Italian way of buffet cocktail hour (one of my favourite moments) because every meal will now be served on your plate and it will be a seated dinner only. The cocktail hour was a moment for the guests to catch up with other friends that they have not seen for a while, and also a way to entertain the guests whilst the couple is having their wedding photo session.

Now that this moment will definitely change, we would have to invent a new way to fill in the “blank” moments (for this topic, I am preparing another interesting blog!)



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