Why hiring a wedding videographer is important

Is a wedding videographer worth hiring?

A question couples ask is why should they hire a videographer when they have a photographer? Isn’t it too much overkill?

I am not here to convince you to hire one however I will enlist the advantages of having a video.

“It’s motion that makes memories come to life,” says Thomen and I could not concur more with this affirmation. Besides let’s say the truth, why should you hire a photographer on your wedding day? You will all answer to have memories of this important day but imagine having the possibility to relive every single moment of it. Memories are beautiful and powerful but at the same time they are mostly faded. And a video will just help you clear it all.

Unlike the pictures that are static, the videos are like a jump back to that precise day where you are reliving the ceremony with the speeches being said, the toasts, the people laughter and joy and it is absolutely amazing to be able to share all these with your children. Together with the images, the video will transport you back to the people and special moments that made your celebration.

Here I am sharing some interesting questions that you can ask the potential videographer of your wedding when selecting those who have caught your attention most. Yes, before booking a supplier, I would recommend fixing a meeting with them because it is not only about the price but mostly important a matter of feeling:

  1. How will you coordinate the filming of our wedding the photographer?
  2. Do you offer any packages? And what are the inclusions?
  3. At what time are you planning to come on the day of?
  4. Are you going to be the person that will be filming on our wedding day?
  5. How many videographers will be filming?
  6. How do you film the ceremony and the speeches? Do you provide microphones?
  7. How would you describe your filming style (reportage, documentary)?
  8. Do you provide shootings with drone?
  9. Are you picking the music yourself or are we able to request?
  10. How long is the clip and wedding video?
  11. How long do we have to wait for the delivery? And how would you deliver it?

In this videoclip, I have interviewed one of the videographers that I happily work with, Emanuele Mura, who will help you clear up your mind and I am sure that at the end you will want to book this service!